Choosing carpet for your home

Carpet flooring has been a favorite flooring choice of homeowners for many years. They are usually looking for the select type of benefits that you can only get from carpet. The warmth, the style, the color and pattern options; they're all part of what makes a person choose carpet in the first place.

Those who have always had carpet are likely to continue choosing it because they've grown accustomed to its luxurious feel and so much more. Let’s take a moment to look at some of the great things about carpet.

Carpet fiber differences

The carpet fiber you choose is very important. You should know exactly where you plan to place the carpet, how much traffic the room sees, and if the room is prone to moisture or dampness at any time. All of these factors and more will need to be addressed when choosing your carpet fiber.

Wool, for example, is one of the most sought after carpet fibers on the market. However, it can hold moisture more than ten times its own weight. For this reason, it isn't a good choice for damp rooms, as it will shrink and easily grow mold and mildew.

Olefin is the fiber choice for these rooms! Olefin is very durable, water resistant, resists mold, mildew growth and stains very well. It does, however, have a low crush and melt point, but can even be used outside.

Nylon is one of the more popular fiber types. It does a great job of mimicking wool with regard to coloring, patterns and overall look. Not only does nylon hide dirt better than some other fibers, but it is also stain resistant as well. Accounting for a great deal of carpets sold on the market today, nylon holds a good twist, has great yarn memory and is very resilient.

Polyester is another sought after carpet fiber. It holds some of the most gorgeous colorations in the carpet world, is fade resistant, stain resistant and resists wear almost as well as nylon.

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